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Stephanie Cotton

“I give my thanks and gratitude to Ballet Strength for getting me in tip top shape & performance ready. Less than 3 months after working with Nikol and Ballet Strength I broke through plateaus I never thought I would. Toning up, strengthening my weaknesses, and gaining confidence in myself are only some of the things that I have gained. I recommend Ballet Strength to every dancer out there!”

Stephanie Cotton Nevada Ballet Theatre
Amy Trayers

“I’ve never been a great jumper. After just a few weeks of workouts, my director who was also my teacher for the past three years came up to me after petite allegro today and said, excuse me miss are you a jumper?”

Amy Trayers St Paul Ballet
Callye Crespo

“Training with Nikol promotes the strengthening and toning of muscles specific to the body of a ballet dancer. Nikol sends me daily workouts to do based on what my rehearsal schedule is or how my body feels. Not only do I work with her during the season, but also in the off-season. She has given me great tools that have been useful, and will continue to be, throughout my professional career.”

Callye Crespo Oklahoma City Ballet
Kim Polaski

“I would really like to share with you what an impact you are making on my daughter’s dancing and how much I appreciate it. Physically the results are amazing and we feel confident that she will be ready for her upcoming summer program at San Francisco Ballet. This is an immeasurable gift to us!”

Kim Polaski Mom of Allie, San Francisco Ballet
Hilary Price

“My time with Nikol and Ballet Strength proved to be invaluable. Her knowledge and expertise helped me through a particularly rough time in dance. She customized a program for me that was instrumental in improving my appearance and my ballet technique. Nikol helped me realize that strength training for dancers can be both beneficial and enjoyable!”

Hilary Price Dancer, New York City
Kelsi Crawford

“Thank you so much for making the Ballet Strength workout DVD’s. They have helped me out so much. You are a great inspiration and role model to me. I am noticing awesome improvements with Ballet Strength every day!”

Kelsi Crawford Dancer
Renee Reid

“I purchased your ankle strengthening program for my daughter just before she went on pointe and she has continued to use it over the last year or so. It has been amazing for her! I honestly believe it has been the difference maker between her and the other girls just starting pointe. She has made serious advancements in her pointe work and again, I credit to you. Thank you!”

Renee Reid Mother

“I am loving the training. I can already feel my dance improving as well as my strength. Nothings way too difficult to do, nothing is way too easy either, especially with the amount of reps. I love the workouts, thanks so much!”

Aurora Vertical Ambition Dance Company
Gemma Quigley

“I am from northern Ireland. I found Ballet Strength online and have purchased your ebooks. I have to say you really have inspired me. I am 25 and left dance at 18 to study and have now opened my own school which is doing great. You have given me a real aid to getting fit for dancing and teaching.”

Gemma Quigley Ireland
Suzanne C.

“Thank you for your help, Nikol. I have to admit, I was leery about this long distant training in the beginning but it has really helped my daughter having someone guide her and telling her exactly what to eat and giving her a workout schedule for the week! I believe if she didn’t have you right now she would really be having a difficult time on her own. Thank you for being someone she can be accountable to.”

Suzanne C. Mother of Joffrey Ballet Trainee




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