Target Your Core Standing Up!


When you think of traditional core work you think of crunches, Pilates or the plank. Today I am going to show you a core exercise that is performed while standing upright. Afterall, we dance on two feet so doesn’t it make sense that the most beneficial core work is done standing up!?

I call this exercise Core Pulldown and it almost mimics the movement of the traditional Pilates Hundred exercise.

With a band secured overhead, stand holding the band in each hand, shoulder width apart.
Stand back so that arms are straight, elbows locked in front of you.
Slowly lower the band to your sides, keeping the arms shoulder width apart.
Return back to the starting position.
Repeat for 12-15 repetitions.


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Nikol Klein is a former professional ballet dancer turned Ballet Strength coach, author, mentor, and certified personal trainer.

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