Did you know that what you eat can make or break your ballet performance? Learn what healthy choices to make and how to stay on top of your hydration, rest and recovery to dance at your best year round! Find your daily caloric requirements for easy meal plan design.

  • 32 page digital eBook
  • 23 large color photos.


Ballet Nutrition

With the intense physical demands that are being put on dancers these days, a solid nutrition routine is a must for optimal performance, endurance, and muscle recovery. Contemporary choreography is taking ballet to a new athletic level. Dancers are much like other athletes – They need to eat for energy.

Ballet Nutrition is a 32 page descriptive and illustrated guide to proper nutrition for dancers. Each section is outlined with colorful photos and key areas are covered such as hydration, rest, recovery, caloric requirements, and energy boosting foods.

A simple to use formula for figuring out your own personal caloric requirements is included to take all of the guess work out of nutrition planning. In addition there are four sample meal plans for four different caloric ranges to give you an idea of what you should be eating and at what time of day.

Recommended for: Dancers of all ages looking to maximize their ballet performance through proper nutrition principles. This digital book also covers rest, recovery, caloric requirements, and hydration.

For both male and female dancers ages 12 and up (parents too!).

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  • Energy boosting foods vs foods to avoid
  • Proper hydration
  • How to recover from the physical demands of ballet
  • Caloric requirements formula
  • Learn what to eat and when

Simple to follow format including:

  • Simple to use caloric formula
  • 23+ color photos!
  • Easy to understand charts and forms


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